The Line Group has a complete Tool & Die Design & Manufacturing department staffed by highly skilled Tool and Die makers and supported by some of the best tool design talent in the industry.

We specialize in multiple stage tooling and fixturing, progressive dies, deep draw dies and hand transfer tooling. We can stamp a wide variety of metals including hot and cold rolled carbon steel, many grades of stainless steel, many grades of aluminum, copper, brass, inconel, monel and titanium.

The ability to design, build and maintain sophisticated tooling quickly and economically provides our clients with a competitive edge in terms of both cost and introduction lead times. We use various programs, like AutoCAD, DIEMAKER and BobWIRE, to design tooling and dies. Our clients are offered additional economies and flexibility by being able to take advantage of an extensive array of "General Purpose Tooling" capable of fulfilling a variety of needs.

Product Examples

Deep Draw Dies | Hand Transfer Tooling | Compound Blanks | Stage Tooling | Progressive Tools | Multiple Stage Tooling | Fixturing | General Purpose Tooling

General Purpose Tooling

We have an extensive selection of general purpose tooling. This tooling, such as cutoff tooling, is not specific to a custom part, but is basic and usually needed for most parts. When the general purpose tooling is used, you will not be charged for the tool design, but just for the actual work.


  • Aluminum (most varieties)
  • Copper
  • Galvanized metals
  • Inconel
  • Spring steel
  • Brass
  • Deep draw metals
  • Hot and cold rolled carbon steel
  • Monel
  • Stainless steel (most varieties)

Acceptable Drawing Formats

  • AutoCAD - .dwg, .dxf
  • Gif
  • PDF
  • Tif
  • Others