Value Added Engineering Our creative, value added engineering services are a hallmark of The Line Group's success. We do much more than just manufacture parts. We can and do help develop the design, improve the utility of the part, optimize its’ effectiveness, and follow through with all aspects of the process. We strive to be lean. We get involved early on in the design phase with our ESI (early supplier Involvement) Program, interact directly with our customers, and work with other companies to produce a completed product that meets customer specifications. Our services include early supplier involvement, design review, prototyping, value analysis, testing and inspection, and project management. We can also help with material selection and we are skilled in reverse engineering already existing parts you bring to us.

Early Supplier Involvement

We will get involved in your project early on. Even if you just have an idea, we can turn it into reality and help bring it to market. We can anticipate potential problem areas and suggest engineering changes. We understand the necessity for product development and we are prepared to respond accordingly. CAD/CAM design software is available for your projects.

Design Review

We will review and enhance your drawings and ideas to ensure design optimization for manufacturability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness

Value Analysis

We continually strive for best match between process and part. Our engineers carefully monitor your products and work with you to improve quality, enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. Our analyses will provide you with an ongoing competitive edge in your markets.

Prototype Development

We offer complete in house prototyping services. If you need rapid product introductions, we can create one part for review before full production. Once a prototype is created, additional changes may be needed, so we will work with you to revise accordingly.

Project Management

We often assist customers with every aspect of their project. We may sit in on customer design and development meetings or meet with our customer's assembly department. We can turn stampings into full assemblies by working with other companies. When further processes are needed to make a part into a product, we can work with other manufacturers, in injection molding or die casting for example, to complete a product.

Environmental Considerations

We employ a wastewater recycling plan system in our deburring / degreasing departments. All raw materials and chemicals / lubricants used in the manufacturing process are recycled. We use brighter and energy efficient lighting in the manufacturing plant that can last up to 27,000 hours.